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8 Bits in every Bite:: Golden Axe – Telephone

20 Jan

Not sure what’s going on here exactly. I like it.


I used to love the old megadrive game. Riding dragons and kicking gnomes through many evenings.

More recently I had the misfortune of being part of the test team working on the disastrous remake:

GoldenAxe – Beastrider.

Here’s the Epilogue for that game (INTENTIONAL SPOILER, just in case you had any misplaced thoughts about ever playing it). It includes all three of the original game’s characters talking about what’s next in the adventure, with Gilius Thunderhead (Dwarfy) abruptly ending the scene with words which sum up the entire Beastrider experience.¬†Beastrider flopped hard, I doubt we’ll see another Golden Axe game for a long long while.