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Epic Mickey

24 Jan

Dear Disney Interactive Studios,

All my love,




Still… My favourite piece of Box Art

14 Jan

I remembered this recently. Probably due to some kind of inappropriateness.

Some may like the box art for Ico, Heavy Rain or Metal Gear but for me… it’s time to appreciate Petz: Catz 2 on the Wii.

Not only is it one of the worst titles for a game ever (try saying it out loud), it proudly displays the only example of  cat on cat love-fun in game box art today.

Petz: Catz 2


5 Jan

I went to EuroDisneylandParis recently. It was great. Tower of Terror might be the best ride i’ve ever been on.

Not for sheer spills and thrills though, it was all about the details and the storytelling. There are other,  bigger and faster drop rides, but that is all they are, drops. Tower of Terror built up the mystery and suspense from the beginning of the queue. Maybe we were lucky, but our guide/bell boy was bloody weird. He seemed genuinely disturbed and a little distressed, seemingly unable to hold down one accent for very long at all.  It really added to the atmosphere as he guided us through the abandoned art deco hotel lobby to the entrances of the service elevators.

Once on the ride, It was again the tricks and atmosphere which made this such a great ride. Television screens were used, at first to tell a little “Twilight Zone” inspired story and later to fool the eye into feeling as though we were in a huge open, dark space. The peak of the ride came when, after already being dropped and raised several times already, we were taken all the way to the top. The ride gently slowed to a stop and we were treated to a spectacular view of the whole park just as the sun was starting to go down. Everything was calm and beautiful. Before suddenly plunging us back into darkness and screams.

It made me think about games. Surely it’s better to have a well polished, simple experience that’s well paced than an experience striving primarily to be technically impressive and graphically superior. Nintendo are in many ways, the Disney of games. And I believe that their continued success while cohorts and competitors continue to fall by the wayside, is thanks in part to their focus on quality and user experience over technical prowess.

SO! Anyways, time for some pictures. It was only when we got back to our apartment that I realised there was some Goofing around going on in the background of some pics taken with Mr Pluto, so I decided to make my first ever animated gif.

Click on the image below…