Poppie Sköld

2 May

Poppie Sköld is a brilliant film maker from London, she specializes in video portraits and has collaborated with bands like The Invisible, Anna Calvi and The Laurel Collective.

When Poppie was interviewed by ace culture site Sweet & Sound she came to me for the accompanying pic and I jumped at the opportunity. Never done formal portraits like this before and it was great to work with a close friend who’s work I really admire.

My favourite pictures from the day follow:

In the end we went with a simple black and white pic of Poppie in her natural environment at her editing desk, you can see it here http://www.sweetandsound.co.uk/2011/02/interview-poppie-skold/.

Please check out the rest of her pieces at http://www.poppieskold.com/


Been AWOL a while…

28 Mar

But now things have settled, I’m back.

Part of the reason i’ve been so busy is a sparkling new job with the lovely peeps at Mind Candy, working as a digital production assistant on their hit kids/mmo/poké crossing/social game, Moshi Monsters.

It’s a fun role, sitting somewhere between the design and tech sides of the business and it’s such an open team that everyone naturally contributes to game design, story and dialogue.

Here’s the opening cinematic for our latest project/mission: Strangeglove From Above. Illustrated and Animated by Richard Mitchelson (http://www.richmitch.co.uk) & Trevor White (http://www.trevorwhite.co.uk/)

Battersea Nights

27 Feb

London MCM EXPO October 2010

1 Feb

Epic Mickey

24 Jan

Dear Disney Interactive Studios,

All my love,



8 Bits in every Bite:: Golden Axe – Telephone

20 Jan

Not sure what’s going on here exactly. I like it.


I used to love the old megadrive game. Riding dragons and kicking gnomes through many evenings.

More recently I had the misfortune of being part of the test team working on the disastrous remake:

GoldenAxe – Beastrider.

Here’s the Epilogue for that game (INTENTIONAL SPOILER, just in case you had any misplaced thoughts about ever playing it). It includes all three of the original game’s characters talking about what’s next in the adventure, with Gilius Thunderhead (Dwarfy) abruptly ending the scene with words which sum up the entire Beastrider experience. Beastrider flopped hard, I doubt we’ll see another Golden Axe game for a long long while.

Still… My favourite piece of Box Art

14 Jan

I remembered this recently. Probably due to some kind of inappropriateness.

Some may like the box art for Ico, Heavy Rain or Metal Gear but for me… it’s time to appreciate Petz: Catz 2 on the Wii.

Not only is it one of the worst titles for a game ever (try saying it out loud), it proudly displays the only example of  cat on cat love-fun in game box art today.

Petz: Catz 2